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Germany Newsletter Feb 16


Following from a very successful ceilidh which raised £1005.00 with only the hall expenses to pay,

We have one final fund raiser which will be a hamper raffle in Tesco on 2 April 2016.

We will arrange this event at a Parents Meeting on Tuesday 8th March in Scout Hut at 7.30 pm. This event can only go ahead if we have a good turnout to take turns at the stall,

Please consider the following points in the run up to the camp

  • We will require a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
  • A valid passport
  • An updated health form
  • A kilt and preferably Lovat Green socks with a plain leather sporran
  • Cabin Baggage You can carry one cabin bag weighing up to 10 kg with maximum dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm, plus 1 small bag up to 35 x 20 x 20 onboard the aircraft.
  • We will be holding a practise camp locally on 27-29 May which we will get everyone used to working together
  • We will require transport to and from Edinburgh Airport and we can find out the availability at the Parents Meeting



I am sure we are all looking forward to the camp which I am sure will be an experience of a lifetime


Should you be unable to attend the Parents Meeting, please get in touch with any of the Leaders so that we can keep you posted

Thank You

















Name of young person:   D.o.B:  
Event: Germany 2016


Is he/she able to swim 50 metres and stay afloat for five minutes in light clothing?

Yes / No

Emergency contact:   Phone:  
Details of Dietary Requirements  
Doctor’s name and contact details: Details of any medications currently being taken:
Details of any disabilities, conditions, allergies, special needs or cultural needs that might affect this event: Details of any infectious diseases he/she has been in contact with in the last three weeks:

If it becomes necessary for the above named young person to receive medical treatment and I cannot be contacted to authorise this, I hereby give my general consent to any necessary medical treatment and authorise the Leader in charge to sign any document required by the hospital authorities.

Signed:   Date:  
Relationship to young person:  




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