Alyth Voice  December 2014


Things that go bump in the night. At this time of year of Halloween festivities there are some pretty gruesome sights to be seen in the Scout Hut. Things don’t improve when the parties are held and everyone turns up in Fancy Dress! I didn’t help that Halloween Night was on a Friday and one Scout turned up in the hut with a “bleeding” lip which led to the inevitable dash for the first aid kit. I should have known better, but you can’t change the habits of a lifetime. Much amusement was held by all – with one notable exception!. The Beavers and Cubs held parties which were enjoyed with great relish. Hyper mode is how best to describe the proceedings and our younger charges were equally excited. I was fortunate not to be given the unenviable task of choosing the best costumes – so much effort goes into them all and there are no guidelines – do you go for the most terrifying, most effort. My preference is usually for the person who is just “going” for it. We had mummies, Batman, Robots, pirates, you name it. Judge for yourself from the Cub Party photos which are at the bottom of this article. A gruesome collection

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Another thing that has gone Bump in the night are wide games. We have held two recently. One was up the Den and not long after it started one member of the public pitched up and set off to walk his dogs. He quickly returned in some consternation as he thought he heard screams coming from the woods. “Very probably”  was the reply and he seemed reasonably satisfied after our explanation that everything was in order. Mind you he did turn round several times before he set off yet again. With the ground conditions being very wet and slippery, our next wide game was held in the comparative security of the Big Park. This particular event was thought out by two of our Young Leaders, James Atkinson and Alexander Tosh. It is always very refreshing for the Scouts to have someone up to date with current issues (as opposed to days of old). This particular wide game involved villagers, werewolf’s, super-heroes and space monkeys (or was it chimps?).There was also the issue of different coloured gold bars and secret missions which were slipped in during the event. I assume these names were derived from computer game which they all relish – but dinnae ask me. The net result was that all the Scouts fully understood the rules apart from one Leader who is still trying to get to grips with them. For once we did not have a visit from the constabulary who might have considered our antics with some suspicion! Well done to the guys who set it up and well done to the Scouts who had a lot of fun in carrying it out

We will be holding the Book Fest during the Christmas Period and I hope to have a busy time with everyone coming along. Details elsewhere in the Voice, but we will be open most days during the holidays 2.00 – 4.00 pm

On behalf of the everyone involved in Alyth Scouts may I thank you for your unstinting support over the past year and wish you all the very best for the Festive Season

Ron Kirkpatrick

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