Alyth Voice October 2014

It was with some trepidation that the Scouts approached the Water Activity Centre at Lochgoilhead, but they had no need to fear as there was little evidence that the water was contaminated with soap. Our annual camp was the result of a lot hard work fundraising to attend and I am pleased to report that it was money well worth spent. The activities, accommodation, the staff and vitally essential to a successful venture – the food were all first class. Lochgoilhead is the kind of place you have to be keen to get to as it is on the road to nowhere. After the Rest and be Thankful, the last 6 miles is a single track road with hair pin bends which was designed more for a donkey than a minibus. Our safe arrival was greeted with loud exclamations that dinner would be served in 15 minutes time. You have never seen a minibus empty quite so quickly ! Bags retrieved from the trailer, sleeping quarters allocated, beds claimed and over to the dinning hall in 14 minutes flat. Truly a record breaker worthy of some sort of award… like dinner. On a previous visit to this centre, we utilised the fact that we could record a video diary. Technology moves on and it was with some amusement I noted that we were putting a “Big Brother” report on our facebook page which was not edited.. or even scripted… it was just fun. When I record “we” put it on , I of course refer to the royal ”we”. This is all too much for me, but Patrick West and Cameron McCaig relish in this and I am quite content to leave them to it as my intervention would only deter from achieving the desired effect. Our activities over the week included canoeing, kayaking, dragon boating, raft building (you had to witness this to be aware of the fun everyone had), Burn running (well waddling would be a more appropriate term. Climbing, abseiling, survival skills, mountain biking, archery. The Explorer Scouts were sent off by boat one evening down the loch and camped overnight. Throw in some camp games like water slide and indoor climbing , the inevitable camp fire, and it is little wonder all our charges were only too glad to go to bed and only the threat of missing breakfast was the only way to get them up the following morning. In addition to ourselves, a group from Kincardineshire were with us for the week and the Scouts and Explorer Scouts mixed well and enjoyed the whole experience. Returning on the Friday afternoon proved a time consuming exercise with traffic hold ups especially around Loch Lomond – (the Banks werenae sae bonnie) and with a temperature not usually associated with Scotland. Ever resourceful and up to the task, we carried out remedial measures to counteract this experience and have come to the conclusion that we can thoroughly recommend the ice cream shop in Comrie!  For a modest fee we are available to carry out further research, but I fear that the prospect of re-funding the expenses will prove a deterrent to any potential investor. We live in hope.

Forthcoming Events

1 September – Scout AGM. We would extend a warm invitation to all interested parties to come along and see not only what we have been doing over the last year – but plans for the future! Scout Hut 7.00pm

11 Sept – Collection and sorting of Jumble – Town Hall 7.00pm

12 Sept – Good as New Sale Town Hall 7.00 -9.00 pm

13 Sept – Jumble sale Town Hall 1.00-3.00pm

10-12 October Cub Camp Tannadice

11-12 October Scout Camp Tannadice

18 Oct – Coffee morning Airlie Street Hall

For more information and events, please visit our website


In front of every silver lining there is a dirty great cloud! Sorry to have missed last month’s issue, but the gremlins have attacked again. Mind you if it wasn’t for such technology we would not be able to have this splendid publication, so we will have to put up with any glitches that occur

So I am recycling my article, but would put out a special appeal for the following

v  We are holding a coffee morning on Saturday 18 Oct and we are anxious to have additional helpers as the Cub Leaders will be off to camp

v  Our Beaver Colony need two additional adult  helpers to reduce the waiting list that we have. Please contact Heather if you could possibly help

v  Our Group Executive Committee are looking for two members to represent the Cub and Beaver Section. Please let Cath or Heather know if you could assist us with this

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